[gdal-dev] GDAL-GRASS compilation under Windows

"ifj. Stefán István" istefan at stef.hu
Wed Apr 21 08:50:08 EDT 2010


I'm new on this list, and hope the following question hasn't been asked 
I need help to compile the GDAL-GRASS plugin under Windows environment.
I downloaded the source of GDAL and compiled it without GRASS support 
with Visual Studio successfully.
Next I downloaded the GDAL-GRASS plugin and tried to compile it, but 
this package doesn't contain Visual Studio project file, and I'm not 
familiar with VS too much, so I wasn't able to compile it. Then I 
installed Cygwin and tried to compile the GDAL-GRASS plugin under 
Cygwin, but the configure script complains about the gdal-config utility 
which I don't know where to find.

This is where I stand now, if someone know how to compile GDAL-GRASS 
under Win please help.


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