[gdal-dev] NITF invalid read of 2 bytes causes crash

Smart, Gary Gary.Smart at goodrich.com
Tue Apr 27 13:21:04 EDT 2010

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I have attached a colour NITF image which causes an invalid read within
NITFReadImageLine (nitfimage.c:1661).  This invalid read was detected by
valgrind which I have been using to investigate a crash in my
application - which happens to segfault exactly on this line.  More
often than not, I can read and display this colour image.  Sometimes
though - it crashes my application.  However, even when correctly
displayed, valgrind still reports the invalid read.


I have looked at the logic in the function NITFReadImageLine and it
seems to be flawed in that it mallocs an area which seems to be a
function of the number of requested columns, but then copies imagery
into the buffer using a for-loop based on the block size.  Moreover, the
nLineSize computed for the malloc was not big enough for the requested
area anyway.


The problem is only really evident in colour images for which reads are
requested that are smaller than the blocksize in the file.  


Whilst I cannot be certain that my replacement logic will suffice for
all NITF configs, I certainly think the memory management in this
function AND the corresponding NITFWriteImageLine should be reviewed?
My changes certainly get rid of my read-errors and crashes (find #####
in the attached code snippet).


Opinions anyone?


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