[gdal-dev] Running gdalwarp over ECMWF's NetCDF

antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt
Thu Dec 2 15:30:08 EST 2010

I have just analyzed the output grom gdal1.7.1 and It's wrong...  
Gdalwarp just copied the NetCDF coordinates (corner coordinates) it  
did't warp the coordinates.
Maybe I have to define Input system (s_srs). ECMWF provided me the  
orifginal system that is:
Latitude/longitude or equidistant cylindrical or plate carree grids.  
Can anyone indicate me the EPSG?
Can this be the solution?
I have attached to this email the output of this command (gdalwarp  
-t_srs EPSG:3763 2009.nc 2009.tif) in Windows with GDAL1.7 (thanks for  
the tip Even).
As you can see, it just copied the coordinates to the target CRS. Does  
anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this/how to do this in the  
right way?)


Quoting "Even Rouault" <even.rouault at mines-paris.org>:

> Le jeudi 02 décembre 2010 18:22:54, António Rocha a écrit :
>> Greetings
>> I have runned the same gdalwarp command and I got two different results
>> Command:
>> gdalwarp -t_srs EPSG:3763 2009.nc 2009.tif
>> In Ubuntu (with GDAL 1.7.1, released 2010/02/08) It procuded the raster
>> file In Windows (with OSGEO4w and GDAL1.5.4) I got the eerror:
>> Creating output file that is  3Px4L.
>> Processing input file 2009.nc
>> A target coordinate system was specified, but there is no source
>> coordinate system. Consider using -s_srs option to provide a source
>> coordinate system.
>> Operation terminated
>> Is this a limitation of GDAL1.5.4?
> GDAL 1.5.4 being older than GDAL 1.7.1, it is not surprising that the later
> has received some bug fixes than the first one has not. But the good news is
> that you can use gdal16, gdal17 and even gdal18dev in OSGEO4W !
>> Thanks
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