[gdal-dev] Georeferencing Geostationnary (+proj=geos) projection

Stéphane stephane.benchimol at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:53:33 EST 2010


I'm trying to put georeference information to a raster HDF file which
doesn't containt projection nor geo-transformation or any GCP.

HDF is not georeferenced, but contain lot of useful metadata, so I manage to
get the projection, which is Geostationnary projection ( +proj=geos).

However, I don't understand how to compute GeoTransformation or GCP to
geo-reference properly my image:

For "classic flat" geo-referenced image, computation between pixel and
lat/lon can be done by gdal_translate -a_ullr. But it's not possible with
GEOS projection since the image is not "flat" !

What is the correct method to put GeoTransformation or GCP to GeoTIFF ?
Below some metadata of the file that could help.


  Projection GeoReference=+proj=geos +h=3.58011e+07 +lon_0=73.9617
+ellps=WGS84 +x_0=-5632000 +y_0=5632000
  Nominal Altitude (km)=42179.2
  Nominal Central Point Coordinates (degrees)=0.349082, 73.9617
  Nominal X_resolution (km)=2
  Nominal Y_resolution (km)=2
  Nominal False Northing (km)=5632
  Nominal False Easting (km)=-5632
  Nominal Pixel Stepping Angle (nanoradian)=223457.048379966
  Nominal Line Stepping Angle (nanoradian)=223457.048379966
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