[gdal-dev] gdal_translate and ArcGIS

Adam Bausch abausch at nova.whrc.org
Tue Mar 2 08:42:16 EST 2010

I am attempting to take a series of rasters in 32 bit GTiff and use 
gdal_translate to convert then to a 16 bit AAIGRID, however I have been 
running into several difficulties.
Although gdal_translate appears to have the functionality to change 
output data type AND output format in the same line the resultant output 
appears to change only the output format.
Doing this in separate comments:

gdal_translate -ot Int16 -of GTiff input.tif output1.tif
gdal_translate -of of AAIGrid output1.tif tested.asc

Works but using the .asc grid in ArcMap is incredibly slow.

If I back up one step:
If I run the ArcGIS 'copy raster' tool after completing GDAL_translate 
to the Int16 GTiff, the output is an ESRI grid, however, the values do 
not match up.
I am pretty sure this is a problem of the upper left corner to set the 
grid extent in either software being different, but how or can I correct 
for this in gdal before moving over to ArcGIS?  And is there any way to 
easily complete this in any of the gdal utilities on a series of rasters?

(I think gdal takes the upper left corner of the top left pixel, 
however, ArcGIS takes the center location of the uppler left pixel?)

Thank you in advance.

Adam Bausch

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