[gdal-dev] GDAL, Borland C++, and GeoPDF

Zermeno, Robert J CIV NAVAIR, 472100D robert.zermeno at navy.mil
Tue Mar 9 16:44:01 EST 2010

Has anyone attempted to port GDAL to Borland (codegear) c++?  If so or not, can you give input as to what might need to be done to get the code working in Borland (issues of portability? Files I might need to touch?).  My supervisors have funded me money to take GDAL to be ported to Borland.  I have seen the link that specifies main issues:  http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/FAQInstallationAndBuilding#CanIbuildGDALwithBorlandCorotherCcompilers, under the question: "Can I build GDAL with Borland C or other C compilers?".

Responses will be much appreciated.  Once I have completed it, I will like to supply my solution to the group.  

Lastly, what has become of GeoPDF and GDAL?  I read talks of people wanting this option, but what is the current status?  Is someone doing it or until a later time?

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