[gdal-dev] question with field name read from ogrinfo

Randy randyqiuxy at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 12 07:04:31 EST 2010

Hi Frank and list,

 I have a question about field name in OGR:

I read the "IHO transfer standard for digital hydrographic data publication
S-57 Edition 3.1-November 2000",and it tells me that one spatial record
should have a "Record name" and its field name is [RCNM].But in ogrinfo ,it
gives me a field name-"NAME_RCNM".

Then, I'd like to know if the ogrinfo's writer change the field name or it
means the [NAME_RCNM] is on the new S-57 version while [RCNM] is just on the
old version(3.1 edition)?

Thanks for your time!


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