[gdal-dev] Howto convert a CSV with geometry and a CVS without into one Geodatabase (.mdb)?

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 20:27:01 EDT 2010

Thanks for the hint, right.

So how can I insert the point geometry attribute (called SHAPE) which
is an OLE Object?

Do you know the binary encoding of that?

Yours, S.

2010/3/14 Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>:
> Stefan Keller wrote:
>> Dear all
>> I'm trying something new to me: I have two comma separated value files
>> (CSV, from an Excel user naturally :->) - one file having a lat and a
>> lon column.
>> The target database is a Geodatabase (.mdb) which not only has a
>> feature class table (fctable) but also another 'normal' MS Access
>> table (without geometry). The columns of the CSV with la/lon goes to
>> the fctable and the other CSV goes to othertable.
>> One of the challenges here is that othertable can't be accessed
>> through PGeo driver AFAIK.
>> In addition - after inserting a row into the fctable with a new oid -
>> there should be a foreign key added to othertable which establishes a
>> relationship from othertable to fctable.
>> => How do I shuffle these CSVs into this Geodatabase (preferrably with
>> Python)?
>> => Has anyone accomplished a similar conversion (using Python or other
>> scripts)?
> Stefan,
> The OGR PGeo and ODBC drivers are read-only.  If you want to update
> a geodatabase you will need to find another route, or just route
> low level SQL through the ODBC driver using ExecuteSQL().
> Best regards,
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