[gdal-dev] Re: How to divide a raster layer into a set of tiles?

Christian Müller christian.mueller at nvoe.at
Mon Mar 22 16:35:58 EDT 2010

gdal_retile.py definitely creates georeferenced tiles, I developed this 

I did some experiments reprojecting the single tiles while retiling, but it 
simply does not work. As a consequence I canceled the reprojecting support. 

The solution for your problem is: 

1) Use gdal_merge to create the big image
2) reproject with gdal_warp
3) use gdal_retile to create your new tiles 

I did a lot of experiments to avoid creating the big picture without 

Even Rouault writes: 

> Le Monday 22 March 2010 19:35:47 Gilles Bassière, vous avez écrit :
>> Hi, 
>> The problem with this workflow is that it creates non-georeferenced
>> tiles (I don't know if this is the intended behaviour of this command).
> gdal_retile.py *does* create georeferenced tiles. I've just verified it. What 
> make you think the contrary ? 
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