[gdal-dev] Embedding external TIFF overviews into GeoTiff

Mika Lehtonen mika at digikartta.net
Wed May 5 11:13:03 EDT 2010

obviously Gdal can't swap external overview file(s) into internal in 
GeoTiff format, am I right?

I would like to use my own overviews in some Geotiffs and use them in 
Geoserver, but Geoserver can't handle external overviews. How 
complicated it would be to incorporate such a feature into Gdal? I don't 
mean that it would have to be included into new releases and it wouldn't 
have to cover more than just GeoTiff format with "normal" RGB-images. I 
could try to taylor my own Gdal-version, but I am not sure how big job 
that would be. I am not so much familiar with C, so the outcome 
would/will be a little bit 'quick'n'dirty anyway.

Any ideas?

Another approach is to embed GeoTiff tags into multipage tif, I guess. I 
know I can dump Geotiff header into file with listgeo, edit Tiff with 
some tool and copy header back with geotiffcp, but AFAIK this system 
doesn't support overviews, right?

with best regards,
Mika Lehtonen

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