[gdal-dev] Re: Hoe to convert ERDAS imagine(.img) files to ARC info ASCII files viceversa

Jason Roberts jason.roberts at duke.edu
Wed May 19 07:55:29 EDT 2010

I'm not sure what you mean by getting the metadata information from the
source dataset to the destination dataset. If you are referring to the
metadata that ArcGIS maintains, such as all of the FGDC metadata it keeps in
an XML file, I suspect that GDAL does not recognize that metadata. That
metadata is a feature of ArcGIS. You might be able to use the "Metadata
Importer" geoprocessing tool from ArcGIS 9.3 to copy the metadata from one
raster to another, but I don't think GDAL has any support for it.

I followed the discussion about not being able to read the IMG files but I
don't know an answer to that. Others on the list have more expertise in that
than I do.

I looked at the IMG files you mentioned. The one output by GDAL looks fine
to me. It appeared that the only differences were the number of spaces
separating the values and the number of digits of precision in the floating
point numbers. Are these differences important to you? You do have some
control over the format of the floating point numbers. See the discussion of
the DECIMAL_PRECISION option in http://www.gdal.org/frmt_various.html


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Jason thanks for your reply....

Createcopy method works fine.When i am using create copy method at that
instance only a file is created in the specified path. But the format of the
file is different what i want and another thing is how to get the metadata
information from the source dataset and set to destination datset. help me i
strucked from last two days on these issues only. I am not able to read IMG
files also i got error...how to rad these files.
here i attached two files 
1)Output file getting from ARCInFO( this is what i want)
2)OUtput file(getting through gdal cratecopy mentod)

thank you..........1) ARCINFO   
http://n2.nabble.com/file/n5073269/cls3_85.asc cls3_85.asc    2) using gdal 
http://n2.nabble.com/file/n5073269/cls3_85asc.ASC cls3_85asc.ASC 

you can open this files using note pad and observe the difference.....
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