[gdal-dev] ICORDS error creating NITF with BLOCKA

Jacklin Matthew D MDJACKLIN at qinetiq.com
Fri May 21 10:42:49 EDT 2010



I am trying to create a NITF file using the BLOCKA extension but the
ICORDS field in the resulting file appears to be incorrect.


The following is an example attempt - the lat/lon positions are in
decimal format and the ICORDS field is set to be "D" (decimal). However
after processing the resulting NITF file has an ICORDS field of "G"
(geographic) and as the IGEOLO fields are in decimal format the NITF
file is invalid. 




REM format is lat: "+dd.dddddd" and lon: +ddd.dddddd"

set ul_lat=+51.236900

set ul_lon=-002.053840


set lr_lat=+51.233300

set lr_lon=-002.042380


set a=-co "BLOCKA_BLOCK_COUNT=1"

set b=-co "BLOCKA_BLOCK_INSTANCE_01=01"

set c=-co "BLOCKA_N_GRAY_01=00000"

set d=-co "BLOCKA_L_LINES_01=01000"

set e=-co "BLOCKA_LAYOVER_ANGLE_01=   "

set f=-co "BLOCKA_SHADOW_ANGLE_01=   "

REM set g=-co "BLOCKA_BLANKS_01=16 chars"

set h=-co "BLOCKA_FRLC_LOC_01=%lr_lat%%ul_lon%"

set i=-co "BLOCKA_LRLC_LOC_01=%lr_lat%%lr_lon%"

set j=-co "BLOCKA_LRFC_LOC_01=%ul_lat%%lr_lon%"

set k=-co "BLOCKA_FRFC_LOC_01=%ul_lat%%ul_lon%"


gdal_translate -of NITF -a_srs WGS84 -a_ullr ul_lon ul_lat lr_lon lr_lat
a% %b% %c% %d% %e% %f% %h% %i% %j% %k% -co "ICORDS=D" input.png




I have also noticed if the BLOCKA_L_LINES fields is less than the actual
number of lines in the input file, it appears the ICORDS field will be
set to "G" and the IGEOLO fields will be converted to geographic


Any ideas or help appreciated.





  Matt Jacklin.

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