[gdal-dev] S-57 Driver WRONG Geometry

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu May 27 09:04:09 EDT 2010

Bogdan Grama wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm using GDAL/OGR for reading and rendering ENC files in c#. Recently
> i've discovered that for some ENC a feature geometry was badly decoded.
>     ---->LAYER NAME = ROADWY
>     ---->NAME_RCNM = (10:130,130,130,130,130,130,130,130,130,130)
>     ---->NAME_RCID = (10:114,103,89,97,99,112,111,108,110,124)
>     ----> TYPE  : wkbLineString
> Now this is correct: 1 feature with 10 distinct linestrings. What do you
> think? Can this be fix? I can provide sample ENC and screenshots with
> rendered image.


 From the text dump I am afraid I don't see the problem.  It looks like
10 line strings are assembled into one longer linestring.  Without observing
any geometric problems this seems reasonable.   Can you further illuminate
why you think it is wrong?

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