[gdal-dev] What do people think of the MySQL Spatial Extensions?

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Fri May 28 01:17:39 EDT 2010

Russell McOrmond wrote:
> I am aware of PostGIS, Oracle Spatial and ArcSDE.  I only became aware
> that MySQL had extensions as well very recently (My
> brother started at Pythian).
>  http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/mysql-gis-conformance-and-compatibility.html
> http://www.gdal.org/ogr/drv_mysql.html
> Are there people in this list that use this extensively, and can give
> some comparisons to other databases/etc?
> Thanks!

The databases I'm aware of with OGC SFS support include Oracle, PostGIS, SLQ SErver 2008, Informix, DB2, Ingres & SpatialLite. In the large datawarehouse environment, Teradata & Netezza also have offerings with similar functionality.

As far as MySQL goes, I'd consider their implementation fundamentally broken.

If you look here, it suggests there is full robust support.

then see this page:

So, for example, if you ask MySQL to return the points lying in a circle. triangle or any non-linear, non-rectangular polygon, it will happily return all the points that lie within the rectangular bounding box of this polygon, which is NOT what it was asked to do.

I don't like databases that return wrong answers, or that release something like this as production ready & leave it in this state for several years. But if you just want to store the data & never use spatial relationship queies on itm, then I guess it will work.


  Brent Wood

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