[gdal-dev] ESRI text format?

Pinner, Luke Luke.Pinner at environment.gov.au
Sun May 30 20:10:50 EDT 2010

It's the output from the ArcGIS "Write Features to Text File (Samples)"
tool.  The "format" is documented here:

Even ESRI use Python to read/write it :)

Apparently it's deprecated though...


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Ralf Suhr wrote:
> the text is a edit-session from ArcGIS. ogr2ogr can't read this.

In this case, I need to write it, but thanks -- I'm sure the same

Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Surely it can...with help of simple script in Perl or Python it
> could be a few minutes of work.

Sure, and that's what I've done, but then OGR is not writing it, I am 
writing it with Python -- which I agree is not that big a deal but still

harder than one command line with ogr2ogr.

It doesn't really sound like this is a "format" that it would make sense

to support -- which is probably why OGR doesn't support it.


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