[gdal-dev] An error in building overviews for

Zhenyu Lu luzhenyu1981 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 22:46:41 EST 2010

Hi, all:
I'm having an error while using function Dataset.BuildOverviews in my code.
The error message is "BuildOverviews() not supported for this dataset".
However, when I used the ".tif" file the BuildOverviews worked just fine.
code is:
int[] pOverviewList = { overView*2};
int[] pBandList = new int[dataset.RasterCount];
int err = dataset.BuildOverviews("NEAREST", pOverviewList);
if (err != (int)CPLErr.CE_None)
      return null;
I'm using GDAL1.5.2 and C#2.0. Is it because the HFA driver doesn't support
overview? Or is it a bug? Can anyone pointed out where is my problem? Thanks
Zhenyu Lu
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