[gdal-dev] Geometry construction and factory

Rui L. Pires rui.l.pires at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 07:59:16 EST 2010

Hello everyone,

I had a quick look at the archives and other resources and could not
find much information regarding the topic I discuss below (apart from
an important remark in the documentation - ogr architecture).

I would be interested in using a family of specialised OGRGeometry
classes, sporting a number of additional properties and functionality
not at all relevant to OGR (read: application specific). This could be
easily achieved with a dedicated geometry factory that utilises the
appropriate constructor of the derived geometry class.

However I see that 1) not only the current implementation of
OGRGeometryFactory does not foresee this approach, 2) the drivers
implementations use both the factory and explicitly the geometry

Would this be a design change that could be considered? I do realise
that it is a considerable amount of refactoring but apart from that I
do not see immediate obstacles. Would I be missing some important


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