[gdal-dev] Re: how can I compile GDAL 1.7.3 with ecw 4.1 in Virsual Studio 2010

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 11:40:34 EST 2010

BTW: Do you have any compelling reason to use ECW 4.1 instead of an older
version, like the 3.3 povided for example at:
http://vbkto.dyndns.org/sdk/These packages also contain the required
C# bindigs for gdal and mapserver.
You can download the -dev packages so as to compile your own versions of
gdal and mapserver if you need to so do.

You may also set the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH programmatically by using the
Gdal.SetConfigOption method.

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2010/11/25 GeoJoda <joseph4774 at hotmail.com>

> Hi again Finally I managed to compile ecw dll as part of gdal. This means I
> do not need to declare a system variable to tell where ecw gdal plugin is
> located. I ran gdalinfo - format: Bingo found *Supported Formats: ECW
> (ro): ERMapper Compressed Wavelet JP2ECW (ro): ERMapper JPEG2000* But when
> I try to run gdal17.dll with MapServer, I get this error message: *load
> output format (): General error message. OUTPUT FORMAT clause references
> driver GDAL / ECW, men this driver isn't Configured.; msInitGDALOutputFormat
> (): General error message. GDAL `ECW` driver ikke support output.* I get
> this error message only when I include. Ecw file in mapFile. This means that
> solution with the new gdal thrived without ecw. So question is am I missing
> some configurations for MapServer or what? I will attach this time the new
> gdal17.dll, gdalinfo.exe and MapServer. So maybe can someone tell me what's
> going on? the rest Iam using mapscript_csharp.dll. thanks gdal17.zip<http://osgeo-org.1803224.n2.nabble.com/file/n5774457/gdal17.zip>
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