[gdal-dev] RFC 31 - OGR 64bit Support

David Burken dburken at comcast.net
Mon Nov 29 08:40:30 EST 2010


Just fyi, a long on my machine (Linux is 8 
bytes.   It's the same as long long.


On 11/28/2010 02:39 PM, Even Rouault wrote:
> Frank,
> If I agree we can upgrade the C++ API of OGRLayer::GetFeature() and
> DeleteFeature() to use GIntBig instead of long, I'm wondering whether the ABI
> backward incompatible change of OGR_L_GetFeature() and OGR_L_DeleteFeature()
> is something acceptable with respect to our (implicit) policy and past
> practices as far as the C ABI is concerned ? I don't remind of such a
> precedent in the 1.X series (at least since X>= 4). Couldn't this be "solved"
> by introducing OGR_L_GetFeature64() and OGR_L_SetFeature64() and let
> OGR_L_GetFeature() and OGR_L_SetFeature() do the cast from long to GIntBig ? I
> acknowledge this isn't pretty...
> Or, if we don't want the OGR_L_GetFeature64/SetFeature64 symbols to be too
> apparent, we could also use a little trick like the following one :
> * in ogr_api.h :
> /* Do not use OGR_L_GetFeature64() directly. Use OGR_L_GetFeature instead */
> /* OGR_L_GetFeature64() will be renamed OGR_L_GetFeature() in GDAL 2.0 */
> OGRFeatureH CPL_DLL OGR_L_GetFeature64( OGRLayerH, GIntBig );
> #define OGR_L_GetFeature OGR_L_GetFeature64
> That way, application code recompiled against the GDAL 1.8.0 header will use
> the 64bit version implicitely.
> * and in ogrlayer.cpp :
> /* Hack to preserve GDAL<  1.8.0 ABI : to be removed for GDAL 2.0 */
> #undef OGR_L_GetFeature
> OGRFeatureH CPL_DLL OGR_L_GetFeature( OGRLayerH hLayer, long nFeatureId );
> OGRFeatureH OGR_L_GetFeature( OGRLayerH hLayer, long nFeatureId )
> {
> 	return (OGRFeatureH) ((OGRLayer *)hLayer)->GetFeature(
> (GIntBig)nFeatureId );
> }
> OGRFeatureH OGR_L_GetFeature64( OGRLayerH hLayer, GIntBig nFeatureId )
> {
> 	return (OGRFeatureH) ((OGRLayer *)hLayer)->GetFeature( nFeatureId );
> }
> that way the old symbol and the new symbol are available...
> Concerning the impact of introducing OFTInteger64 for existing applications,
> it is not obvious to predict it. From a quick "grep OFTInteger" in 2 popular
> applications :
> * MapServer would need a minor update in mapogr.cpp. If code left as it is
> now, OFTInteger64 fields would be advertized as 'Character' fields in the GML
> schema instead of Integer with appropriate width (the only case OFTInteger in
> mapogr.cpp). Also, I'm not sure if the OGR field type is tested indirectly
> afterwards in the vector rendering/expression evaluation or if just a atof()
> is done on the field value. And in the new mapogroutput.c, according to the
> width of a item->type == "Integer", we could appropriately create a
> OFTInteger64.
> * The OGR provider in QGIS if unchanged would also present OFTInteger64 fields
> as QVariant::String fields as a default (but the values couldn't be
> edited/updated). I see that other QGIS providers use QVariant::LongLong, so
> OFTInteger64 could potentially be properly supported. Other places such as
> src/core/qgsvectorfilewriter.cpp currently turns QVariant::LongLong into
> OFTString when creating the OGR fields and could also be updated.
> So if unchanged, it *looks* like those applications should still go on working
> (at least not crashing), but with perhaps a bit degraded functionnality w.r.t
> to the current situation (where the big integers are returned as double for
> shapefiles). For MapServer case, this is mitigated since OGR isn't actually
> used for access to shapefiles and postgis ...
> Best regards,
> Even
>> Folks,
>> In the interest of moving towards a GDAL/OGR 1.8 release I have done some
>> work on RFC 31 - 64bit integers for OGR fields and FIDs.  I've updated the
>> RFC itself somewhat, and done a preliminary implementation of the RFC on
>> my own system with a reasonable level of success.
>> I'm asking for additional comment on the RFC at:
>>     http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/rfc31_ogr_64
>> The implications and complications of this update are greater than I had
>> first anticipated and even with what I've done so far I'm sure lots of
>> additional glitches will come out of the wood work.  Unfortunately, this
>> is not funded work for me so it is hard to apply the level of effort that
>> I would like to it.  In short, I'm a bit nervous about implementing this
>> RFC though now that I've sunk 2-3 days into the prototype work I'm hesitant
>> to throw it away either. :-)
>> Thoughts welcome.
>> Best regards,
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