[gdal-dev] Updating GDAL on OSGEO4w (windows

Luisa Peña luisapena1979 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 09:21:30 EST 2010


I have OSGEO4w working with GDAL1.5 and, in c:\osgeo4w\apps I have GDAL1.6.
I downloard and installed gdal17 and gdal18 and gdal16 in my OSGEO4w. When
run gdalinfo --version (in GRASS ) I still get 1.5 version.
When I run it in windows command line I still get 1.5. Then, in GRASS
mailing list a user suggested me to run gdal16.bat from c:\osgeo4w\bin and I
run it... I didn«'t get any error or warning but, still gdalinfo --version
is 1.5.4

How can I solve this?

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