[gdal-dev] Creating a range from given points

Kevin dingojones22 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 10:26:34 EST 2010

 Dear list,

Please see in attached image what I am aiming to achieve with GDAL.
The tool creating it is here, but I don't have arcgis:

The input is a set of points and a fixed grid (10x10km).
The output a subset of the grid based on the points with the cells
interlinked by some logic.

My idea (probably not optimal):
- convert the points to gridcell centroids
- draw a line between the point and its neighbours
- if the distance is inferior to a certain value -> intersect the line with
the grid and keep the intersected cells
- result: assemble resulting cells and export

Not being a spatial expert, I'm not sure though this is the good way. Could
you have a look and perhaps give me a few hints?

Thanks a lot!

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