[gdal-dev] Re: Updating GDAL on OSGEO4w (windows)

Luisa Peña luisapena1979 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 12:46:06 EST 2010

First of alll, thanks for sending this to the mailing list.

> The "gdal16" command is just a bat file changing a few environment
> variables
> for the local shell - primary the path.  It does not have any effect beyond
> the current shell.
> Ok. I get it...

> Also, it is affecting which GDAL utilities you pick up at the command line.
> It does not affect which version of GDAL is used at runtime by things like
> GRASS, MapServer or QGIS.  These are all linked against a particular
> version of GDAL - in the case of GRASS 1.5.
> Is it possible to change my GDAL version at runtime? (seems not)

> So if you want to work with GRIB files I would suggest running "gdal16"
> in a shell, and then using gdal_translate to convert the grib file into
> a working format like GeoTIFF which you can subsequently use in GRASS.
> Thanks for the suggestion. It seems a good one.

> My hope is that after the GDAL 1.8 release we will make GDAL 1.8 the
> default version of GDAL in OSGeo4W and update GRASS and other packages
> to use it.  The fact that 1.5 is still the default version in OSGeo4W
> is my fault.

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