[gdal-dev] RE: ImportError with Python 2.6 and VS 2008

Gregory, Matthew matt.gregory at oregonstate.edu
Fri Oct 29 13:48:10 EDT 2010

Hi again,

> I apologize if this specific issue has been addressed before.  I've
> checked the listserve and didn't see anything right off.  I'm sure I'm
> doing something stupid ...

Turns out I am an idiot in the most obvious way.  I hadn't included gdal\bin in my PATH yet on my new system.  I would have normally found this out through running a C/C++ app, but I went first to Python in this case, saw that _gdal.pyd was indeed there and didn't look further, until I ran dependency walker on it.  Now everything works as expected.

Sorry for the noise.


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