[gdal-dev] OGR C API Help needed

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Fri Sep 17 19:42:50 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I am stumped by this. I am trying to copy a shapefile and append a new 
attribute column to it. The loop below adds all the existing fields, but 
the code following does not add the new field. I have been trying to 
figure this out for hours and I assume it is something really stupid 
that I am missing, but ...

I would appreciate a hint on this.


/* this loop works fine and adds all the existing fields */
   for( iField = 0; iField < OGR_FD_GetFieldCount(hFDefnIn); iField++ ) {
     OGRFieldDefnH hFieldDefnIn = OGR_FD_GetFieldDefn( hFDefnIn, iField );
     OGRFieldDefnH hFieldDefnOut = OGR_Fld_Create( 
OGR_Fld_GetNameRef(hFieldDefnIn), OFTString );
     OGR_Fld_SetType( hFieldDefnOut, OGR_Fld_GetType(hFieldDefnIn));
     OGR_Fld_SetWidth( hFieldDefnOut, OGR_Fld_GetWidth(hFieldDefnIn));
     OGR_Fld_SetPrecision( hFieldDefnOut, 

     if( OGR_L_CreateField( hLayerOut, hFieldDefnOut, TRUE ) != 
       printf( "Creating %s field failed.\n", 
OGR_Fld_GetNameRef(hFieldDefnIn) );


/* I want to append a new field but it is not written to the
    like the above fields are !!!!
   hFldElevUp = OGR_Fld_Create( "ELEV_UP", OFTString );
   OGR_Fld_SetType( hFldElevUp, OFTReal );
   OGR_Fld_SetWidth( hFldElevUp, 8);
   OGR_Fld_SetPrecision( hFldElevUp, 1);
   if( OGR_L_CreateField( hLayerOut, hFldElevUp, TRUE ) != OGRERR_NONE ) {
     printf( "Creating ELEV_UP field failed.\n");
   OGR_Fld_Destroy( hFldElevUp );

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