[gdal-dev] .NET and OGR writing to stream

Maksim Sestic max at geoinova.com
Wed Aug 3 06:52:17 EDT 2011

Hi Tamas,


I don't know how to apply the same principle onto OGR drivers (not GDAL).
I'm trying to create GML structure in memory using OGR driver, then handle
resulting XML string further. Don't want to write dataset to a file, then
read the file back to a string.



Maksim Sestic



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You can refer to the example
to see how to read data into a byte array and then you can write this array
directly to the memory stream.

Best regards,


2011/7/31 Maksim Sestic <max at geoinova.com>

Hi all,


Is there any example of OGR driver writing to memory stream (instead of file
stream), in .NET?



Maksim Sestic

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