[gdal-dev] Including curl in the context of an Android build?

Jim Pendleton jimp at ittvis.com
Wed Aug 3 15:45:47 EDT 2011

In order to support the GDAL (1.8.1) jpipkak driver on Android, I also
need to include libcurl (7.21.7) support.


The inclusion of the curl library into the GDAL build is my current
stumbling block.


That is, I'm able to build and execute an Android app that can load my
driver and will run to the point of calling gdal.Open() which fails with
a 0 status return because of a lack of curl.


I don't fully understand the checking that's being performed in the
configure utility of GDAL for the -with-curl switch.  This apperas to be
responsible for overriding the curl_global_init function in a header
file and including libcurl.so in the LIBS list.  I'm afraid I'm not a
makefile guru so I'm probably missing something obvious.


Regardless of how I set this, the build process for GDAL wants to parse
files *installed* on the build platform, in this case
/usr/bin/curl-config under RedHat 5.  The result is that "checking for
curl_global_init in -lcurl" always returns "no".  It also appears to
want to reference a dynamic libcurl.so (LIBS="-lcurl $LIBS"), rather
than allowing a static library as a part of the build.  


Separate from GDAL, I'm able to build a static libcurl.a for Android.


I would really like to link this static library into my final Android
.so file, along with the rest of GDAL, the required kakadu modules, and
the JNI layer and avoid the need for a separate libcurl.so file.


Does GDAL's architecture require a separate libcurl.so to be loaded at
runtime?  And if so, has anyone had any experience with this in the
Android environment?


If anyone could help me out with this, I would very much appreciate it.



Jim P.



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