[gdal-dev] help resampling raster to coarser scale

Etienne etiennesky at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 4 21:57:18 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am trying to resample a raster with categorical data (land surface vegetation/cover) from a high resolution (500m) to a coarser resolution.   

I would like to do something similar to what the GRASS operator r.resamp.stats does, using the modal category present in the higher resolution dataset to pick the value in the lower-resolution map.  
It seems that my only option using gdal_warp is nearest neighbor, which will pick the value nearest to the coarser pixel center (regardless of the most present category within the region).

I would also like have a low-resolution map with the proportions of all land types (from the high resolution map).

Any idea on how to accomplish what I want using gdal?  I am not familiar with GRASS, and would prefer to stick with GDAL if I can.  However, I am open to any suggestions.

Many Thanks

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