[gdal-dev] help resampling raster to coarser scale

Etienne etiennesky at yahoo.com
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That's an interesting idea, thanks!

I looked around the code and found that the overviews are created in the GDALRegenerateOverviews() function in file gcore/overview.cpp .  It reads:

[...] it can also be used to generate downsampled images in one file from another outside the overview architecture. [...]

I get the feeling that I can use that function directly with a properly initiated raster band.  Am I wrong? I was wondering if anyone has code that can do this or can point me to an example?

regards, Etienne

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On 08/05/2011 03:57 AM, Etienne wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to resample a raster with categorical data (land surface vegetation/cover) from a high resolution (500m) to a coarser resolution.  
> I would like to do something similar to what the GRASS operator r.resamp.stats does, using the modal category present in the higher resolution dataset to pick the value in the lower-resolution map.  It seems that my only option using gdal_warp is nearest neighbor, which will pick the value nearest to the coarser pixel center (regardless of the most present category within the region).
> I would also like have a low-resolution map with the proportions of all land types (from the high resolution map).
> Any idea on how to accomplish what I want using gdal?  I am not familiar with GRASS, and would prefer to stick with GDAL if I can.  However, I am open to any suggestions.


there is a workaround for this: gdaladdo, the tool to add overviews ('pyramids') to a file, does support the mode operator. So what you could do is add overviews to your file such that the overviews cover the output resolution you want, and then you can resample with gdal_translate (when no projection change is necessary, just give it your desired output resolution, see the gdal_translate docs), or with gdalwarp (and use nearest). They should use the overview level that is closest to your output resolution for resampling.

> Many Thanks
> Etienne
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