[gdal-dev] Own Geotiff overviews(internal)

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Thu Aug 11 13:55:50 EDT 2011

Le jeudi 11 août 2011 17:56:33, Lehtonen, Mika a écrit :
> Hi,
> sorry for asking something without googling it more beforehands, but I
> believe my questions are so trivial that someone can answer to them
> right away.
> I believe, with latest gdal versions you can "swap" GeoTiff internal
> overviews or by other words, use for example your own tiffs as internal
> overviews. Am I right?

I'm not 100% sure to understand your question/need, but here's my 
understanding anyway

Let's suppose you have a TIFF, foo.tif
You want to use a custom overview (perhaps not based directly from foo.tif, 
could be a scan of another map at the same extent but at another scale). You 
call it foo.tif.ovr

Then GDAL will see foo.tif.ovr as an overview of foo.tif

You want to package a new file with the main image containing the imagery of 
foo.tif and the overview containing the imagery of foo.tif.ovr 

You will use GDAL >= 1.8.0 and do :

gdal_translate foo.tif bar.tif -co COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES

See http://gdal.org/frmt_gtiff.html

>  From which version has this been possible?
> Syntax for the proper option (gdal_translate or/and gdalwarp?)
> reg. mika
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