[gdal-dev] Help with GDAL & Visual Studio 2010 & netCDF

Ben Discoe ben at vterrain.org
Wed Aug 17 12:53:14 EDT 2011


In this case, it may be simpler, easier and more efficient to simply call
the NetCDF library directly, rather than going through GDAL.  Your
particular file sounds like a 3D dataset, which is stretching the bounds of
what GDAL is designed to handle, namely rasters.

The NetCDF API is relatively straightforward.  There is documentation and


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> Hi All,
> I could use a little help, and it would be greatly appreciated.
> Goal:  Write a c++ program in MS Visual Studio 2010 (on win7 x64 machine)
> that reads in a netCDF file.  Compile/build program in Visual Studio 2010
> Release or Debug x64.  Execute the program.
> The netCDF file I am trying to read in, has one variable in it.  That
> variable is a 3d raster 76x40x93 of float32 type.
> [..]

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