[gdal-dev] Dump Shapefile into DB using ogr2ogr

Ingo Weinzierl ingo.weinzierl at intevation.de
Thu Aug 18 06:23:06 EDT 2011

Hello GDAL community,

I have already used GDAL to get information about shapefiles or to
insert a shapefile into a database. So, many thanks to all of you!

Now, I've just tried to dump a shapefile into an existing table of a
spatial database (PostGIS / Oracle) using ogr2ogr. Therefore, I need
some help:

The only thing of the shapefile I need is the geometry column, but
the database schema requires a further Integer column (NOT NULL
constraint). In my use-case, I would like to define this Integer
value manually while calling ogr2ogr. Therefore, I've already
searched for some VRT examples, with no success.

In simple words: I want to insert the geometry column (shapefile)
and an Integer value (manually defined) into a pre-defined spatial
database (PostGIS / Oracle).

I would be glad if someone could give me some hints how to realize
such a ogr2ogr call.

Regards, Ingo
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