[gdal-dev] gdalwarp capability to output as netCDF format

Hendy Sumanto hsumanto at vpac.org
Fri Aug 19 02:44:15 EDT 2011

Hi Chaitanya,

Thanks for your quick response.
I am actually referring to whether there is any work to solve this issue

where gdalwarp cannot directly output to netcdf for e.g. if I am doing

gdalwarp -of netCDF -t_srs 'epsg:3112' input.nc output.nc

Output driver `netCDF' not recognised or does not support
direct output file creation.  The following format drivers are configured
and support direct output:
  VRT: Virtual Raster
  GTiff: GeoTIFF
gdalwarp --formats
  GTiff (rw+v): GeoTIFF
  netCDF (rw): Network Common Data Format

'rw+' is read, write and update (ie. supports Create)
'rw' is read or write (ie. supports CreateCopy)

So probably I should have phrased my question as if there is work currently being done to add the capability to direct output as netCDF format 
into gdalwarp so that its netCDF support is rw+ (read, write and update supports Create). 



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