[gdal-dev] How would I build a custom pyramid ?

christian.mueller at nvoe.at christian.mueller at nvoe.at
Mon Aug 22 08:04:03 EDT 2011

Zitat von Alain Camus <aca at ngi.be>:

> Hello list,
> I have a set of tiles at resolution 0.5 m/pxl. Based on this data,   
> I'd like to create a pyramid that has zoom levels 0.166667,   
> 0.333333, 0.666667 and 1.66667 (the data will only be viewed in   
> geoserver at these levels, so I guess it will be faster if I prepare  
>  the data at these levels).

Geoserver will rescale your raster data depending on the envelope in  
world coordinates and the pixel dimensions. It es very unlikely that a  
request needs one of your precalculated resolutions. Pyramids lower  
the amount of calculations giving you a better response time. Within  
geoserver, pyramids are hidden. you see only one layer, the logic  
chooses the best fitting pyramid level and does the required  

I would try a gdal_retile job with 10 pyramids and look at the result  
in geoserver. A zoom level of 2 means that 4 pixels are reduced to 1  
pixel. The 10th pyramid reduces a 1024x1024 pixel area to one pixel.


> I think gdal_retile only allows multiplying the zoom levels by 2.   
> Thus I think I will need those steps :
>     1. gdal_translate to get the lowest zoom level (0.5 --> 0.166667)
>     2. gdal_retile to give these tiles the good size in pixels,   
> mosaic them and to create the next two levels (0.333333 and 0.666667 )
>     3. gdal_translate again to get the highest zoom level (1.66667 ,  
>  which is not the double of the previous one) starting from the   
> 0.666667 tiles .
>     4. gdal_retile again to give these tiles the good size in pixels  
>  and mosaic them
>     5. manually adapt the pyramid config files
> At 0.5 m/pxl, I have 8000 geotiffs each 4000 x 4000 pxls, so I think  
>  it'll take a lot of time, especially steps 1 and 2.
> Would you have an advice to speed up the process or decrease the   
> number of steps ?
> Alain

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