[gdal-dev] Warping without shear

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Sat Dec 17 05:14:26 EST 2011

Ah, Mirone is a Matlab based graphical interface to Gdal, that uses 
Matlab routines for warping in addition to Gdal. What I am looking for 
is a command-line tool to warp an image without any shearing. Ideally in 
the form of an option to Gdal. Is this possible, or can it be made? It 
wouldn't be too difficult to adapt the -order 1 flag so as to leave out 
the shearing.


On 12/16/2011 08:21 PM, Joaquim Luis wrote:
> On 16-12-2011 18:50, Jan Hartmann wrote:
>> On 16-12-2011 18:25, Joaquim Luis wrote:
>>> Jan,
>>> What you want is to apply a transformation called (at least on the 
>>> Matlab parlance) "Linear conformal" which an afine transform but 
>>> without the the shear terms. Mirone has it implemented and if your 
>>> image has the GCPS embedded the operation is really simple.
>> Thanks Joaquim, that's exactly what I meant. How can I use Mirone's 
>> implementation?
> See the manual for example at (the program comes with a .chm version 
> too). Expand the "Image->Register Image" entry
> http://w3.ualg.pt/~jluis/mirone_/files/DrawGCPoints2.html
> the above link is from an old-to-be-updated page. For program download 
> use w3.ualg.pt/~jluis/mirone
> Joaquim
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