[gdal-dev] MrSID mask band support

Brian Claywell bcclaywell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 15:52:05 EST 2011

I'm attempting to use CreateMaskBand() on a MrSID dataset with GDAL
1.8.0 and receiving the error that "CreateMaskBand() is not supported
on this dataset." I presume this is because mask band support was
implemented using the GDALDefaultOverviews manager, and since MrSID is
a multi-resolution format, the overview manager is never initialized.

Is there a way to make mask bands work with MrSID datasets out of the
box? Barring that, since the MrSID driver reimplements the
overview-related virtual functions to bypass the default overview
manager, would there be any harm in initializing the overview manager
when a MrSIDDataset object is created?


Brian Claywell
bcclaywell at gmail.com

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