[gdal-dev] Sponsorship for OSGeo Montreal Code Sprint 2011

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Feb 24 16:26:13 EST 2011

Dear GDAL/OGR users,

OSGeo's Montreal Code Sprint 2011 is going to take place on March 14-18, 
2011. A group of over 20 OSGeo project developers and contributors will 
meet in Montreal for 4 days of work on their respective projects... for 
the advancement of the software that you use everyday.

So far, 22 devs/contributors have signed up to participate, including 5 
who plan to work on GDAL/OGR.

If your organization uses GDAL/OGR then you might want to let your boss 
know (or take note if you're the boss) that we are looking for sponsors 
($750 each) to support food and fun for the sprinters as they work hard 
and play hard for four productive days. Each $750 sponsorship will be 
put towards lunch and dinner costs for the sprinters, and potentially 
bringing in sprinters who might otherwise be unable to attend.

Ideally we'd need another 2 or 3 sponsors to meet our current budget 
objectives, and if we have a surplus then it will either be returned to 
OSGeo, or used for a future code sprint.

All the details about the sprint, including our current budget are 
available in the wiki at


If you are interested in sponsoring then please contact me directly 

Finally, I'd like to thank our first round of sponsors:

- LizardTech - http://www.lizardtech.com/
- Azavea - http://www.azavea.com/
- qPublic - http://qpublic.net/
- Farallon Geographics - http://fargeo.com/

And also big thanks to the "Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM)" 
for hosting us in their wonderful conference room.

I hope to be able to announce a few more sponsors in the next couple of 
days.  :-)


P.S. There is also still a bit of room for more sprinters. The only 
requirement is that you be knowledgeable and willing to get your hands 
dirty doing some work for one of the projects that is represented. If 
you are interested in participating then to help us with planning please 
list your name in the wiki, join the "tosprint" list to receive the 
latest updates, and book your hotel ASAP since our room block is about 
to expire. All that info is in the wiki.

Daniel Morissette

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