[gdal-dev] S57 missing layers

Westerveld, E.P. E.P.Westerveld at boskalis.nl
Tue May 3 08:15:35 EDT 2011


I also tested S57 data from www.risserver.nl and found the same as
Gabriel Breahna. It seems to me that OpenCPN object queries show
"well-known" layers with uppercase names (BOYLAT LNDARE etc) but also
"less-known" layers with lowercase (boylat, bcnlat). These "less-known"
layers are not shown in ogrinfo. It only shows a layer called "Generic".

I tried to extract these "less-known" layers using the C++ API, but no

Could it be that OGR doesn't accept "less-known" layer(codes) ? 
I understand that OpenCPN uses GDAL/OGR. But apparently the OpenCPN
people added something... 


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