[gdal-dev] Setting "INIT_DEST" to nan on windows

Kyle Shannon ksshannon at gmail.com
Tue May 3 18:40:42 EDT 2011

I am using AutoCreateWarpedVRT to warp a dataset.  I grab the the source
nodata for a band using

double noData = poBand->GetNoDataValue( &pbSuccess );

which returns 1.#QNAN00000000... on windows.

I then try to set the INIT_DEST with this using

psWarpOptions->papszWarpOptions =
        CSLSetNameValue( psWarpOptions->papszWarpOptions,
                 "INIT_DEST", CPLSPrintf( "%lf", noData ) );

This works on linux when it returns nan(0x8000000000000), but not on
windows, is there a different string I need to set in the warp options?


 * Kyle Shannon
 * ksshannon at gmail.com
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