R: Re: [gdal-dev] create kml file using MySQL database or shape file

sigfrido at tiscali.it sigfrido at tiscali.it
Wed May 4 06:08:40 EDT 2011

Hi Murat,

I'm not so much into KML, but I think that maybe the 
problem is with your SQL: you are not including any geometry column in 
the select instruction. If you open the KML file with a text editor, 
you can see if the points are being exported and with which 

Does the MySQL table have a geometric column? Or you just 
have the lon/lat coordinates?
If you don't have geometry you have first 
to add it to the MySQL table, update it with the point geometry created 
from lon/lat, and then export the points in KML.

Hope this helps


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Ogg: Re: [gdal-dev] 
create kml file using MySQL database or shape file

Dear Sigfrido,

Thank you for your help,
I corrected the script and it works but when I 
open it with google-earth
points doesn't seem on the map I sent 
snapshot of the google-earth.I
think problem is latitude and longitude 
could not read by the
So How can I fix it...


ogr2ogr -f KML sisint.kml
password=mysql_123,port=3306,tables=sisint' -sql "SELECT koy, 
longitude, latitude , sisint from sisint"

koy means village name.

sisint menans seismic intensity value of the village


On Tue, 
2011-05-03 at 17:33 +0200, Luca Sigfrido Percich wrote: 
> Hi Murat,

> Il giorno mar, 03/05/2011 alle 16.57 +0300, Murat Beyhan ha scritto:

> > ogr2ogr -f KML simgmt.kml simgmt.shp -dsco NameField=RegionName
> > 
this can create a file but strangely data collected at one point.
Probably it is a Spatial Reference System related problem: you should
specify the source shapefile SRS. Have a look at the KML file and see 
> the points have different coordinates, and see what SRS has been
declared for it. Have a look at the -a_srs, -t_srs and -s_srs options 
> ogr2ogr.
> > ogr2ogr -f KML sisint.kml MySQL 
:'host=localhost user=root
> > password=mysql_pswd port=3306 
dbname=afetler tables=sisint' -sql "SELECT
> > latitude,longitude,
sisint from sisint"
> Try with no space between MySQL and :, and 
specifying the database name
> before any other option:
> ogr2ogr -f 
KML sisint.kml
> MySQL:'afetler,host=localhost,user=root,
password=mysql_pswd,port=3306,tables=sisint' -sql "SELECT latitude,
longitude,sisint from sisint"
> All the best
> Sig


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