[gdal-dev] Unique Layer Names (FGDB)

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Fri May 6 19:17:26 EDT 2011

So, the FGDB driver right now flattens out the GDB hierarchy a little
(as far as I can tell there is not *too* much to flatted out) which
could maybe (?) result in duplicate layer names... I opened up
Michaels test database and printed out the layer names,


Some of those are Tables and the others are Feature Classes stored
within a Feature Dataset. I'm guessing that there is a unique name
enforcement mechanism within particular levels of the FGDB, but not
sure what would happen if we had something like this:

Tables: george, ringo
Feature Classes: john
Feature Datasets: paul (Feature Classes: john, ringo)

So the fully qualified names would all be unique...


but the layer names would not.

A couple things could happen: we could mangle the fully-qualified
names so they remain fully qualified in their OGR form (paul_john,
paul_ringo) or we could test and see if it's even possible to create
an FGDB that has non-unique leaf node names.


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