[gdal-dev] Metadata (FGDB)

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Fri May 6 19:46:47 EDT 2011

So, the end goal of my wanking around with OGR and FGDB is to write a
utility that will convert FGDB into PostGIS and then back again with
as much fidelity as possible. So ideally the output would look much
like the input. FGDB has some fun stuff that doesn't fit into the OGR
model very well.

FGDB Fields can have an Alias. Presumably to provide a more human
readable form. I could map these to PostgreSQL comments on the
columns, but there is no slot for them in OGR to pass them through.
FGDB Tables can have Metadata. There seems to be an OGR slot for this
(GetInfo) but it's deprecated and highly freeform.
FGDB Tables can have Indexes. I see in trunk there's some index stuff
(GetIndex, InitializeIndexSupport) but not sure how far along it is.
It would be nice to be able to tell OGR to create an index and have it
magically happen.

Actually, going over this, it's not bad, better than I thought when I
started looking. I am assuming that, if/when I get past the basics
I'll have to push my utility forward by adding some special methods on
the Pg and FileGDB drivers to do things like set relationships and so


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