[gdal-dev] Rv: How to determine +towgs84

andy.cheetham at GeomaticSolutions.com andy.cheetham at GeomaticSolutions.com
Tue May 10 08:14:23 EDT 2011

You can use this website to query the EPSG database.
If you use the Map Search option then you simply click on the map in  
the approximate area
of your coordinates.
The site will then list all the transformation that are applicable for  
that area.

You could also you the Text Search option that searches many of the  
fields in the
database and will list all the matching records.

Disclaimer: I am one of the guys responsible for this site.


Quoting Jean-Claude Repetto <jrepetto at free.fr>:

> On 05/10/11 00:55, jose perez wrote:
>> Hello.
>> How to determine the +towgs84 parameters required to do accurate
>> coordinate transformations? I know there's a file (named epsg) which
>> contains a list, but in order to use I think I need the EPSG code.
> Hello,
> You can find the transformation parameters in the EPSG database, that
> is available for download at http://www.epsg.org/ .
> Jean-Claude
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