[gdal-dev] Creating mosaic larger than 4GB using gdal_merge.py

Vytas vytas at dendron.com
Fri May 13 14:03:50 EDT 2011


Using gdal_merge.py  to merge multiple Geotif files and get the 
following error?  Is there a work around to the size issue?  Expected 
output file size is about 12 Gigs.   I was under the impression gdal was 
able to handle Big TIFF format.  If not,  can you please suggest a 
format available in Gdal that I can use which will support large rasters?

gdal_merge.py -o tot.tif Port*.tif

ERROR 6: A 53888 pixels x 35904 lines x 3 bands UInt16 image would be 
larger than 4GB
but this is the largest size a TIFF can be.  Creation failed.
Creation failed, terminating gdal_merge.



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