[gdal-dev] How to get the ENVISAT N1 Main Processing parameters

Antonio Valentino antonio.valentino at tiscali.it
Sun May 15 12:18:21 EDT 2011

Hi RSyaoxin,

Il 15/05/2011 14:46, RSyaoxin ha scritto:
> Hi,I want to calibration the ENVISAT ASAR DATA(.N1 Format). I need to get
> it's main processing parameters,such as
> calibration_factors[0].ext_cal_fact[0],first_line_tie_point_angles[0-10],and
> I wrote: CString
> I can't get result. 
> However, "CString sDomain=m_pDataset->GetMetadataItem("SPH_FIRST_MID_LAT")"
> is right.That's Why?How should I go to get necessary information? 
> I turn to Anybody who once did this job for some advice. Thank you! 
> Kind regards.

It seems that the envisat driver do not extracts all metadata from all
ENVISAT records.
It just exposes MPH, SPH and GCPs


>From my point of view it would be very useful to be able to have access
to a richer set of metadata from GDAL (at east for SAR products).

If you are only interested in ENVISAT then you could give a try to


that give you full access to the ENVISAT products eve if, IMHO, it is
not so handly as GDAL for imagery IO.

Maybe you can use them both: EPR for metadata and GDAL for imagery.

best regards

Antonio Valentino

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