[gdal-dev] Re: How to get the ENVISAT N1 Main Processing parameters

Antonio Valentino antonio.valentino at tiscali.it
Mon May 16 13:48:57 EDT 2011

Il 16/05/2011 18:38, Frank Warmerdam ha scritto:
> On 11-05-16 12:30 PM, Antonio Valentino wrote:
>> An alternative solution is to write from scratch the routines for
>> decoding of ENVISAT records but this is would require a larger effort.
>> Again I could try to do it but I would like to receive some sign of
>> interest in this feature from GDAL developers before starting to code.
> Antonio,
> I am reasonably willing to incorporate improvements into this driver
> if you submit them via ticket as diffs against trunk.

Yes, of course.

Thank you

>>> The incidence angles are stored in a small grid at the same size as
>>> the GCP´s, (order of 100 elements), which does not fit very nicely
>>> into the GDAL datamodel - it would probably have to be stored as a
>>> list of metadata strings.
>>> Best regards from Knut-Frode
>> Yes, it is indeed a problem. My feeling is that the currant trend is
>> keeping metadata as flat and simple as possible.
> Note, if there is metadata that seems pretty bulky to put in the default
> metadata domain, it may make sense to put it in a special metadata
> domain.  That way it isn't always showing up in gdalinfo reports, and
> doesn't get carried along into other formats unnecessarily.

Incidence angles grids are indexed with image coordinates so it is a
good think, IMHO, to stop their uncontrolled propagation.

best regards

Antonio Valentino

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