[gdal-dev] gdalinfo: corner coords in other projection

Eli Adam EAdam at co.lincoln.or.us
Tue May 24 12:24:37 EDT 2011

       gdaltransform does some of this.  It looks to do 4 corners you would need to do it four times or list the coordinate pairs on four lines and get four lines of output back.  There might be a clever way to take the output of gdalinfo as input into gdaltransform saving you some typing and potential transposing.  More here  http://gdal.org/gdaltransform.html

HTH, Eli

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> Hi all,
> Is there an executable utility that takes the corner coordinates from a 
> gtiff
> and translates them into another projection system?  For example, I have a
> gtiff in UTM and I want to translate the coordinates of the bounding box (or
> corners) into WGS84.  Or is there a way to do this non-programmatically using
> a combination of executable utilities?
> Thanks,
> Jon
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