[gdal-dev] Kakadu Jpeg2000 driver

Livneh Yehiyam yehil at rafael.co.il
Wed Nov 2 09:42:06 EDT 2011

I'm trying to use the Kakadu Jpeg2000 (JP2KAK) driver to read raster data.
I'm working on windows7 64 bit with gdal source version 1.8.1

I've compiled the Kakadu SDK version v6.0 (v6_0-00828N), and compiled Gdal with the driver enabled. I'm using the c# binding.

I can open the dataset, and everything looks ok (size, number of overviews, band count etc.).
When I read data from one of the bands at the base resolution (lets say it is 512x512) I get the correct data.
Band mainBand = dataset.GetRasterBand(1);

If I get one of the overview bands:
Band overviewBand = mainBand.GetOverview(0);

And I try to read the entire band (lets say it is 256x256):
What I get in the buffer are the first 256x256 pixels of the mainBand.
This is contrary to the behavior I'm used to get when reading GTiff files, or even JPEG2000 with the JP2ECW driver.

Is this behavior by design, or is there another way to achieve what I want.


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