[gdal-dev] GML 3.2 conversion error with GDAL 1.8.1

Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Thu Nov 3 01:04:29 EDT 2011


You can find the data here

There are two layers
1: AdministrativeUnit
2: AdministrativeBoundary (Line String)

Ogr2ogr converts the latter one but does not find any geometries from the AdministrativeUnit

-Jukka Rahkonen-

Chaitanya kumar wrote:


OGR doesn't handle the role element. It should have just skipped it. I'm looking into it.

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:31 AM, Jukka Rahkonen <jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi<mailto:jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi>> wrote:

I tried to convert a GML file which contains polygon with ogr2ogr, version 1.8.1.
Conversion fails with a message ERROR 1: Unrecognised geometry type <role>.
ERROR 1: Invalid surfaceMember

Here is an example of the GML (Inspire Administration units feature type). Is
the error in the GML of in GDAL side?

<gml:MultiSurface gml:id="ms26118023" srsName="EPSG:3067">
<gml:surfaceMember xlink:role="main">
<gml:Surface gml:id="pg26128258">
<gml:posList>6606081.581 222640.662 6628316.514 222476.706 6642057.967

221108.392 6646423.430 221041.479 6647117.697 220861.647 6647572.778 220157.320
6642262.002 265381.743 6616098.198 255142.309 6615849.108 253746.902 6606209.473
239601.928 6606081.581 222640.662</gml:posList>

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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