[gdal-dev] include paths and cmake

Kyle Shannon KShannon at gcs-research.com
Thu Nov 3 17:26:29 EDT 2011

I believe that is on the 2.0 changes list, or something along those lines.  See:


under House Keeping issues


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Just wondering if you've thought about namespacing the include paths?  
That is:

#include "cpl_config.h"
#include "gdal_frmts.h"

#include <gdal/port/cpl_config.h>
#include <gdal/gcore/gdal_frmts.h>

Or (flattened):
#include <gdal/cpl_config.h>
#include <gdal/gdal_frmts.h>

This would make installs / uninstalls cleaner.  Say your install prefix is:


Then your includes go to:


Instead of straight to:

I realize this would be a big change.  Just thought since you're taking the plunge on cmake it's something to consider.

Take care,

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