[gdal-dev] OGR to access s57 file, missing attributes issue

sjtuDNA luqi.cg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 04:11:53 EDT 2011

Hi all,

    I'm now interesting in displaying ENCs. I've also read lots of ideas
from this site.

    Now, I got some promising results but not enough for displaying an ENC.

    I got info from :     

    and from 

    This is exactly the problem I met. Sr. Frank Warmerdam dump an layer
named WRECKS in an S-57 dataset.
And the features look like :
   RCID (Integer) = 2164 
   PRIM (Integer) = 1 
   GRUP (Integer) = 2 
   OBJL (Integer) = 159 
   RVER (Integer) = 1 
   AGEN (Integer) = 540 
   FIDN (Integer) = 2135161787 
   FIDS (Integer) = 688 
   LNAM (String) = 021C7F43FBBB02B0 
   LNAM_REFS (StringList) = (null) 
   FFPT_RIND (IntegerList) = (null) 

   CATWRK (Integer) = 1 
   CONRAD (Integer) = (null) 
   CONVIS (Integer) = (null) 
   EXPSOU (Integer) = (null) 
   HEIGHT (Real) = (null) 
   NOBJNM (String) = (null) 
   OBJNAM (String) = (null) 
   QUASOU (String) = 2 
   SOUACC (Real) = (null) 
   STATUS (String) = (null) 
   TECSOU (String) = (null) 
   VALSOU (Real) = (null) 
   VERACC (Real) = (null) 
   VERDAT (Integer) = (null) 
   VERLEN (Real) = (null) 
   WATLEV (Integer) = 3 
   INFORM (String) = (null) 
   NINFOM (String) = (null) 
   NTXTDS (String) = (null) 
   SCAMAX (Integer) = (null) 
   SCAMIN (Integer) = (null) 
   TXTDSC (String) = (null) 
   RECDAT (String) = (null) 
   RECIND (String) = (null) 
   SORDAT (String) = (null) 
   SORIND (String) = (null) 
   POINT (61.1031909 -32.4450159) 
    My problem is when i use the following code to dump an layer's feature i
cannot get the attributes under the "-----" line.
    I've also turned on the environment variables like RETURN_LINKAGES,
RETURN_PRIMITIVES and etc. Thus, I got the attributes:
  ORNT (IntegerList) = (1:255) 
  USAG (IntegerList) = (1:255) 
  MASK (IntegerList) = (1:255) 

    However, I just cannot get the attributes below MASK. I'm this close to
link the OGR/S57 data with S52 for rendering.
    Can I get some help with this?  Thanks in advance!



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